Our team consists of dedicated practitioners whom are subject matter experts in the correctional field. They provide a vast amount of innovative knowledge and experience within our online courses. These courses are developed with the correction professional in mind, by presenting the current, accurate information and best practices in the correctional community.


*Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practice solutions

*Meets institutional annual training needs

*Provides annual CCHP credits for NCCHC re-certification

*Provides ACA training requirements

*Applies to new and seasoned correctional professionals

*Work at your own pace, 24 hour access


WE NEED A MISSION HERE!!!!  The mission of the Correctional Reentry Clinic is to provide health care professionals who work in a correctional environment or who wish to learn more about this unique public health sector with opportunities to develop and/or maintain correctional health care competencies. These training opportunities include clinical nursing opportunities; mental health; security and operations; and administration.

These continuing educational opportunities are provided electronically to health care professionals and enable them to meet the annual in-service training requirements of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, Certified Correctional Healthcare Professional re-certification, the American Correctional Association, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.