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Comprehensive Recovery Services

The mission of CRS is to alleviate the fundamental needs that cause stress to the post incarcerated population. We are a virtual bridge from corrections to the community.  We are here to help reduce recidivism, provide relapse prevention, and continued mental health and psychiatry services.

Are you in need of continued care after you leave corrections? CRS is a physician owned medical practice that offers mental health and psychiatry services, counseling and continued Buprenorphine treatment to individuals who have left the correctional system.

M.O.U.D (Medications for opiate use disorder) is the use of medications, in combination with counselling and behavioral therapies. In addition to MOUD, we offer mental health and psychiatry services. We have made these services easily accessible and convenient to you by using our telehealth system. All you need is a smartphone or computer with video capabilities.


We will accept Mass Health and can schedule you a convenient appointment.

Call or email today.

Our goal is to help you succeed!

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Welcome to CRC, in order to obtain our next day services you will need either a smartphone or a computer with video capability. You will also need to be actively enrolled in a Mass Health insurance plan.


CRC strives to provide you with excellent service. We hope to consistently meet your expectations of exceptional care. We provide a virtual environment with skilled Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Mental Health Clinicians, and Psychiatrists to assist you in your mental health and substance abuse needs.

Our care team is here to help you.


CRC staff are continuously working to improve the patient experience, clinical outcomes, and provide an excellent experience for all of our patients.  We are centered on healing and wellness and collaborate with several community resources to provide you with the care you need.


Our goal is to help each patient successfully reintegrate into the community through achieving their wellness goals.

Why CRClinic
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Uninterrupted Care

As behavioral professionals with decades of experience working with individuals involved with the criminal justice system, we know how important it is to get uninterrupted care upon release from jail or prison. We know it can help reduce the risk of  reincarceration, help individuals maintain their newly  gained sobriety, avoid fatal overdoses, and remain psychologically stable. 

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When incarcerated individuals with mental health issues and/or substance use disorders have continuity of care during the reentry period, they are less likely to face many negative outcomes such as  relapses, fatal overdoses, criminal behavior and reincarceration.

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  • CRC was developed to help those who have been released suddenly from Houses of Corrections and Jails and may not have the follow-up care they need in place.

  • Our team will be able to help any individuals released from jail or prison receive behavioral and substance use treatment including Medications for Opioid Use Disorders (MOUD).

With the right help, sustained recovery is possible.

At CRC we aim to close treatment gaps for recently incarcerated individuals. Our goal is to establish a system of continuum of behavioral care that goes from the correctional facilities to the community.

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