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Welcome Correctional Reentry Clinic Website

Correctional Reentry Clinic (CRC) will provide services to discharged clients from any correctional facility in Massachusetts. We have the ability to connect clients with services (MAT/MOUD, Mental Health, and Psychiatry) virtually from any smartphone or computer. 

The ability for a released inmates to have next-day services available to them is currently unheard of. Patients have been put on waitlists for several months for mental health care. We hope to virtually eliminate wait times and assist in reducing recidivism as well as prevent relapse and promote overdose prevention.

Correctional Reentry Clinic (CRC) was developed to help those who are released or bailed out of jails rapidly. Often they do not have the follow up care they need.   CRC will be able to help any released inmate/detainee with the following services:

  • Mental Health Care  

  • Wrap Around Substance Abuse Counselling

  • Continuation of Buprenorphine maintenance

  • Psychiatry Services

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” – Irish proverb

“Your body hears everything your mind says.”

 Naomi Judd

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Welcome to CRC, in order to obtain our next day services you will need either a smartphone or a computer with video capability. You will also need to be actively enrolled in a Mass Health insurance plan.


CRC strives to provide you with excellent service. We hope to consistently meet your expectations of exceptional care. We provide a virtual environment with skilled Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Mental Health Clinicians, and Psychiatrists to assist you in your mental health and substance abuse needs.

Our care team is here to help you.

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CRC staff are continuously working to improve the patient experience, clinical outcomes, and provide an excellent experience for all of our patients.  We are centered on healing and wellness and collaborate with several community resources to provide you with the care you need.


Our goal is to help each patient successfully reintegrate into the community through achieving their wellness goals.